How do I refer a patient to Dr Liz Dawes-Higgs?

Happy dermatology patient.

Dr Liz Dawes-Higgs is the co-owner of Northern Sydney Dermatology where she consults and runs a female genital dermatology clinic and a procedural/ aesthetic clinic. She also runs a female genital dermatology clinic at Concord Hospital.  

For general dermatology referrals please refer the patient to the practice so they can be seen at the earliest appointment possible. All female genital patients need to be referred directly to Dr Liz Dawes-Higgs. Please provide an outline of the symptoms, the patient’s medical history, a list of medications and any investigations and tests results relating to your patient’s condition.   

For appointment inquiries and patient care, please phone or email reception at Northern Sydney Dermatology


P: (02) 9958 1555

F: (02) 9958 1033

What areas of dermatology does Dr Liz Specialise in?

Dr Liz is a highly educated and experienced dermatologist. Women’s skin health and ageing is at the forefront of Dr Liz’s dermatological care.

She has two areas of special interest and they are female genital dermatology and cosmetic dermatology.  


Female Genital Dermatology

Dr Liz runs a female genital dermatology clinic at Northern Sydney Dermatology and Concord Hospital and is a lecturer in Vulval Dermatology for the Sexual Health & Family Planning Association. Dr Liz is highly sort after for her knowledge and expertise in female genital dermatology and often speaks at conferences. In 2017 she lectured at the ACD Scientific Meeting on vulval cancer. She is also the NSW Chief Examiner and sits on the National Examination Committee. 

A Practical Introductory Guide For Medical Practitioners In Women's Health Services

by Dr Elizabeth Dawes-Higgs

This is a very practical book to provide assistance in the clinic setting for anyone working in Women’s Health Services and would like to more fully understand dermatological issues of the vulva. This book is based on a lecture series Dr Liz has been presenting as part of the National Certificate in Reproductive & Sexual Health for Doctors since 2014. It covers the anatomy of the vulva, how to take a comprehensive vulval history, how to recognise the range of symptoms that may be present, how to perform an examination and how to biopsy the vulva. The most common conditions are discussed in more detail along with treatment options and practical tips and pearls. At the end of this book you will feel more comfortable with identifying and managing common vulval dermatoses.

This book is available for download here.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Dr Liz also has a special interest in cosmetic dermatology. She is highly sought after for her work with soft tissue fillers for facial rejuvenation, treating celebrities and everyday individuals. She has also lectured in rejuvenation techniques at various conferences and meetings, such as the ACD 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting where she gave a presentation on Dermal fillers.  

She also performs laser techniques, used in the treatment of scarring particularly burns scars, as well as acne, pigmentation, rosacea, veins and wrinkles. Improving the skins health, texture and tone.  

Currently, Dr Liz is working on advanced techniques using soft tissue fillers for the liquid lift, a non-surgical procedure for reducing jowls and resculpting the cheek bones, a look similar to when a makeup artist applies blusher and highlights.